The ASPHALTKIND roof box will be available for free sale in a limited edition of 100 pieces.

Due to the numerous inquiries we have decided to introduce a reservation process.

Here we ask for your data as well as the desired amount of the deposit.

The down payment can be freely chosen between 50 and 3.000 €. The earlier and the higher the down payment is made, the higher your pre-order will be placed on our reservation list, which will affect the expected delivery time.

We are planning to start the market at the first half year of 2021 with the following prices:

4.500 €
The box is made of a light golden fibre composite material, which is made of renewable raw materials (Cropfiber FL). A special clear varnish emphasizes the carbon fibre-like fibre composite look. Further information about the material Cropfiber FL.

5.500 € 
The box is made of carbon fiber.

First come. First serve.

Non-binding reservation of the roof box “Kompromisslos”

Your request for reservation of the roof box or your deposit does not constitute a binding order or a sales contract. The roof box is currently still in the final development phase and will be produced from September 2020.

You can reclaim your deposit at any time by sending a short e-mail to Further information regarding payment and delivery times will be sent to you by e-mail after sending the following form.

ASPHALTKIND is a trademark of Cropfiber GmbH
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