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Think outside the van.

Suitable for everyday use.

From toy car to car with toy.

Sports cars are suitable for everyday use.

Update to 56 Nord Roof Box

As we already announced in December, in our article “Has 56°North already packed up again?”, we will stay on 56 Nord. We still want to find out if these roof boxes made of ABS and carbon really exist.

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What about 56 Nord roof box?

Anyone looking for a roof box on the Internet that underlines the sporty look of their car, has a large load volume and low wind noise will sooner or later come to the 56° North website.

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Porsche tested: Test ALUMINED Roof Box

Porsche tends to build its vehicles in such a way that you can take them around bends easily. The suspension tuning in interaction with the tyres and the low centre of gravity: A poem!  But only without roof box? No, also with!

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Our vision

No one needs a sports car. Nevertheless, everyone wants to have it. Together with you we make it uncompromisingly suitable for everyday use, so that you never need to buy another car again!

With Asphaltkind we test, compare and search for solutions, which we publish here in blog form!

Besides blogging, we are developing a solution for more storage space in sports cars. Without compromises!  

Life. Intensified.


You can have a longer breakfast. You are back earlier for dinner. Is there a better family car?

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