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Even if you know almost all details about the 992, the excitement and joy for the official presentation of the Porsche 992 at the LA Motorshow 2018 was huge.

With a very extravagant show, Porsche has set a historical monument to the most important model from the Zuffenhausen sports car factory. We’re not suprised that they decided to present it in LA.
In fact, the USA and California are the largest sales market for the 911.

Launch of the new 992 at the LA motor show


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Porsche sold 2017 almost 9000 cars of the 911 in the USA. Compared to Gemany, they sold 7600.

Technical datas and features

If you take a look at the technical data and the features of the 992, no wishes are left unfulfilled. Digitalisation is the main focus here. But in my opinion, this is also the main Point.

Is it really necessary to have all the digitalisation and many assistants in a sports car? Doesn’t that rob the actual emotions that have been associated with a 911 so far?

From the 5 analogue instruments in the cockpit, the tachometer was the only one left in the middle. Let’s hope that Porsche doesn’t try to do a facelift or model Change.

Wet Mode: Is the road wet? Slow down!

Well, there was something left about assistants where minds separate: Wet Mode. The Motto was always: Is the road wet, then slow down! But forget about this, Porsche will help you choose the right foot pressure on the gas. If the sensors in the wheel gets wet you get informed and the “Wet Mode” is activated.

If Wet Mode is selected, all driver assistance systems adjust to the wet conditions. The sensors can differentiate between heavy and light rain based on the amount of water and can therefore influence the PSM (Porsche Stability Management) or other assistants.

Panamera 2.0?

In comparison to the front, the back of the car has already been modified quite a lot. The back is optically very close to the Panamera, which means that a clear identification feature of the 911 is gone.

It’s like back then when it was quit impossible to compare the Boxster with the 996 with its fried egg headlights.

Anyway. The 992 will succeed and will definitely be joyful while driving. As soon they launch the car, we will test it for family suitability and will report about it.

By opportunity, we will also test the new digital assistants “Porsche 360+” and “Roads by Porsche“, which the Zuffenhausen-based company presented in Los Angeles in addition to “Porsche Impact(determining the CO2 footprint of your own Porsche and compensating for the CO2 emissions caused).




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