The Roof Box

The world’s best fiber composite Roof Box

made of Cropfiber or Carbon material

To create more cargo space in cars, one currently has to resort to heavy, bulky and not very handy roof boxes. This always requires concessions in terms of aerodynamics and speed, weight, stability and appearance.

We wanted to change that and have developed the perfect roof box. Our ASPHALTKIND box achieves top values in all areas and thus sets completely new standards for comfortable travelling.

The Keyfacts of the Roof Box


Germany’s fastest roof box.

For strong headwinds: light, stable, aerodynamic.
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Range-optimised. Especially for e-cars.

Orientation with the basic shape on a drop of water: Leads to a CW value of 0.11.


Light. Lighter. Most stable.

For higher payload and lower centre of gravity.


Lines that fit.

Characterised by taut, clear lines. The box is in motion, even though it is stationary.


For speed. For range.

The most aerodynamic shape in nature is that of a drop. And because our roof box is based on this, it achieves a top CW value of 0.11. To achieve this, we spent over 200 hours testing and simulating.

First premise: The aerodynamics of the (e-)car must not be impaired. In short: The roof box is suitable for long and demanding routes. Also for the Nordschleife.

Click here for a video in which we go into more detail about perfect aerodynamics.

Fiber composite material:

Benchmark for low weight with high stability.

Only through the use of fiber composites, such as carbon, is it possible to achieve high stability with very low weight. By using CO2-neutral Cropfiber fibers, this can even be achieved without compromising the planet. With us, you can choose whether your roof box should be made of cropfiber or carbon!

Over 50 hours of production time for perfect quality and appearance.

With low weight for more stability at high speeds. For the left lane. For overtaking manoeuvres. For your safety.

Aslo for everyday use:

Open at the touch of a button.

We are the pioneer for the entire market: To make the handling of our roof box even simpler, we have installed an electric locking system. This means that the box can be opened with a simple push of a button.

Gone are the days when you had to “fiddle” with the box using a small key.

Chiselled in fibers:

A declaration of love for automotive design. 

Chiselled in fibers:

A declaration of love for automotive design.

Taut lines

By focusing on clear, taut lines and dispensing with beads and edges, we achieve the “in motion even though the roof box is stationary” effect. With external dimensions of 215 x 90 x 32 cm, the proportions and your luggage fit perfectly.

Cargo space miracle

More than 400 litres of cargo space are available for everyday use and especially for your adventures. The roof box can be opened in less than 2 seconds. The perfect luggage compartment replacement. Also for everyday use.

The Design: Benchmark.

By working with experienced car designers, we have broken new ground and achieved the goal: the roof box becomes part of the car. It complies with the principles of car design.

Development Process:

Safety & Everyday Suitability.

To develop the perfect roof box, we worked for over 2 years on aerodynamics, weight, stability and design. This resulted in over 200 simulation hours and more than 15,000 test kilometers including everyday tests. Particularly significant here: the test drives to Berlin, Hamburg, Zuffenhausen and the Black Forest.

The icing on the cake was our record drive on the Nordschleife with a lap time of 08:19:43 min!

Made in Dortmund:

Outsourcen was yesterday.

Made in Dortmund:

Outsourcen was yesterday.

A handful of manual work.

We are particularly proud of our production at the Dortmund location, where each individual fiber composite roof box is manufactured over several days in loving detail and by hand. 

Individual meets Quality

Due to the high degree of handwork, we can strongly individualize your box. The more individual, the better!

Status symbol.

Not only the design and the multitude of key features of the roof box makes the neighbor look envious. Also the commitment to engineering and manufacturing products “made in Germany”!