One of the most requested aspects of our roof box is: Can I drive faster than 130km/h with it?

Short and clear answer: Yes! Because exactly this aspect is one of our unique selling points. The roof box fulfills the best aerodynamic values and is extremely stable with very low weight due to the material and the installed components (locking system & hinge). Accordingly, a real benchmark in this area. 

Through test drives with other roof boxes made of plastic – among other things during storms – have moved us to approach an over-engineering. In other words, to make more possible than is required in everyday use.

But this everyday life is not every day. There are days when you want to go home quickly in the evening, there is a gusty wind, it is raining and the bladder is pressing. It is always good to know: One is not exposed to any risk of losing the roof box, which could have dramatic consequences for the following traffic. We know that with plastic boxes often 160km/h is driven instead of the prescribed 130km/h. We also know that nothing happens with most of them. But in the end, it remains an add-on part on the car, which can be lost if the headwind forces are too great or if the material breaks at some point.

Our roof box is developed and tested on a sports car. It is built for station wagon, sedan, coupe and SUV. The development on the sports car has various challenges that do not occur in any other car: Very high longitudinal and lateral dynamics, high mechanical loads due to a hard chassis and even sometimes very high speeds, if the traffic allows it, or you make a test drive on the Nordschleife.

In short: In the beginning, when testing other boxes, we were annoyed to be stuck in the right-hand lane at 130km/h. Just like you guys. Hundreds of inquiries confirm this.

Further tests then added storm and unsafe cornering behavior. Spontaneously overtaking another car should never be a risk.

Accordingly, we say: Sure it’s fun to drive fast. A roof box should not take away this freedom. But just as important is the safety that even at 130km / h through gusty winds the ASPHALTKIND roof box “Cropfiber” at no time harbors uncertainty.

Short FAQ about the speed:

How fast can I go with other roof boxes? 

  • Mostly 130km/h. From our own experience, this depends on the weather and the base carrier. We were amazed by the physics during some tests…

How fast can I drive with the ASPHALTKIND roof box “Cropfiber”?

  • You can go faster than any other roof box available on the market.

How fast am I allowed to drive with the ASPHALTKIND roof box “Cropfiber”?

  • There will still be final tests on the Nürburgring-Nordschleife. After that, we will communicate a value at which you feel comfortable, but also we as a manufacturer for the most diverse car and base carrier model can sleep with a clear conscience.

What happens if there is a speed limit on Germany’s highways with regard to this unique selling proposition? Would that leave only the other USPs? 

  • We then continue to offer the safest roof box, which offers the other unique selling points such as an electric locking system and outstanding aerodynamics. In addition, but also in strong headwinds, for example, by storm or oncoming trucks makes a good feeling.
  • Customer inquiries from other countries also show: It’s good to know that you could drive faster if you wanted to.

What is your mission with the high speed? It increases fuel consumption or reduces the electric car range enormously. 

  • Due in part to the “we have no speed limit” on Germany’s highways, car manufacturers in particular are challenged day after day to meet the high demands. New and better technologies are being developed all the time to optimize safety, handling and range at high speeds. And it is precisely this that results in products that function perfectly and are safe in extreme situations (even at lower speeds).
  • A roof box that can easily cope with high speeds will also provide you with the necessary safety at lower speeds in the event of a sudden evasive maneuver or sudden wind (on a bridge).
  • In the area of range, the “high speed” development focus is of course also advantageous. This is because the CW value already plays a very important role from 80km/h.

I also sometimes drive high speeds with my plastic box. So why spend more money?

  • Because then you can drive with a clear conscience and don’t pose a traffic risk. In addition, our other unique selling points, such as the electric locking system, the low weight and the design could convince you. In everyday life, this means far less wind noise, amazed looks and simply a very good feeling to have a benchmark roof box on the roof.