Team-Leader, CEO und Gründer von Asphaltkind: Nils Freyberg

Nils Freyberg (32)

Founder and Managing Director

About  & Nils


Car enthusiasts since kindergarten, ASPHALTKIND was born at the end of 2018 with the vision of making the automotive industry more sustainable: Without sacrificing performance and emotion. Nils is the founder and managing director of Cropfiber GmbH, to which the ASPHALTKIND brand belongs.

With the 8-member Cropfiber GmbH, we are introducing, among other things, a CO2-neutral material to the market with natural fibres, which can replace the not necessarily sustainable material carbon. However, we don’t want to patronise you and therefore leave you the choice between Cropfiber and carbon for our ASPHALTKIND roof boxes. Admittedly, the latter is currently quite energy-intensive in production (= negative CO2 footprint) and is difficult to recycle, but we will also take care of these aspects in the near future!

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