With the ASPHALTKIND roof box we want to prove what is possible. It is a technology and material carrier.

Profiteer? The client and, in our case, the planet.

It was clear from the beginning that we were launching a benchmark product. Detached from all conventions.

In addition to the timeless design and aerodynamics at aircraft wing level, weight and stability play a very important role for us. 

This can be achieved by using fibre composites, as everyone knows them. Carbon fibres, for example, which also benefits the appearance. Carbon is often used to enhance the overall appearance of a vehicle and to save weight.

As beautiful as carbon is, it is very energy-intensive to produce and recycle and therefore has an extreme CO₂ footprint.

Nevertheless, we do not want to do without lightweight construction and have started to look for an alternative, which we bring from the laboratory to the street with the roof box: High-tech fibres from renewable raw materials. Car companies such as Porsche already use CO₂-neutral fibre composite in racing and show what is possible. We work with similar fibers or develop even better solutions.

First premise: We will not make any compromises in terms of appearance, weight and stability. According to this, our fibre composite material “Cropfiber” cannot be distinguished from carbon fibres, depending on the design. 

But we are all a bit of an individualist: According to this, we want to stand out and show to the outside world that we can save CO₂ without having to make compromises and do something good for the planet. Without any driving bans or discussions, by approaching a (r)evolution in fibre material.

The roof box will therefore be available in the following version:


  • Light golden fibre composite material from renewable raw materials
  • Special clear varnish emphasizes the carbon fiber-look