No child ever dreamed of owning a Nissan

Summer 1998: On the way to primary school Hemmerde “One day I’m going to get a car like this…! Even if it’s only a toy model.”

Summer 2005 – 2010: Finally you can design your car of dream via Internet.

Summer 2012: Black Porsche Turbo performs a flawless traffic light start. “The traffic light won’t get any greener, Nils!”

Sommer 2016: “Cool, Playmobil is now selling a Porsche. I may not be a kid anymore, but let’s act it’s a birthday present for my niece.”

Sommer 2018: Here are the keys, and the papers are inside. Wish you a nice journey!.”


So the time had finally come:


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A dream turned into reality.

The car, which everybody knew from dozens of Videos, press reports and Trade Fairs, made it finally into my Garage.

” Previously I always had to start the cars awkwardly with the left hand on the right side” Nils (27) Left-handed

The moment when the car starts, speeds up or shows its full braking power: Unreal. After speeding up the 911, your’re leaving everyone behind. 

But let’s get to the Point!


The evolution of Asphaltkind

The time has finally come, when Asphaltkind was Born.

“What do we do with the car when we get a Baby? It has to be sold, because no stroller or car seat will fits in… the time has finally come, when Asphaltkind was born”

Quelle: (r/OldSchoolCool)


Baby store, here we come!

“It’ll definitely carry a stroller in the front and a car seat in the back. I’ve googled everything!”

Well, thank God I was right. Because there was really just one stroller model that would fit in.

Nevertheless, our space was limited.

In the end, I started looking for a roof box. Since the whole situation turned out to be more difficult but still very interesting, the blog Asphaltkind was born after only a few weeks.

The result: Different manufacturers, similar shapes and always the same (negative) experiences. So I was not really happy with the offered solutions.


Creation of a new roof box for all of us

To keep the Story short: The decision to become active didn’t took me so long. And this without having to commit to any compromises, just because you want to raise your luggage space volume with a roof box.

Actually started everything just as a hobby project, we already got many requests with wishes for a roof box, which would satisfy all our needs. The diversity of designs is also remarkable. Therefore we don’t only focus on the 911, but also on other cars from BMW, Audi, Mercedes and Tesla!


In conclusion it can be said:

So if everything went as planned, I can keep the 911. Market launch will be 2020. So the first Baby can follow as well…