Ferrari is entering the SUV segment. This is definitely new territory for the Italian (super-) sports car manufacturer. It can happen that 1-2 things are not considered, which are extremely useful and in demand in this segment.

This includes optional roof rails or at least fixed points in the roof bars to enable a roof box to be fitted. Unfortunately, this is not the case with the Ferrari Purosangue.

When the car was presented, we (and certainly many of the potential customers) thought: “This is the perfect car for a winter stay in St. Moritz or generally in the Alps in southern Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France and Italy. The car just looks like the kind of thing you’d drive up the picturesque snow-covered Alpine pass to the nearest ski resort!”

Accompanied by a rich V12 sound and the certainty: “Today will be a perfect day on the slopes, which we will end later in the village with a delicious meal with a view of the Purosangue!”

Dream come true. Because where to put the ski equipment?

We spent several weeks on this (together with our customers) and tried to find out from dealers and the manufacturer whether there would be a base carrier for the Ferrari. No luck!

There is no way to mount a roof box on the Purosangue. At least not on the part of the manufacturer. This is where we come into play! Thanks to our experience and know-how in engineering and manufacturing basic carrier solutions for (super) sports cars, we had a brilliant idea for the Purosangue.

From now on, we can also mount the ASPHALTKIND Performance roof box on the Ferrari Purosangue!

Pictures say more than 100 words: Enjoy our picture gallery of the V12 Ferrari Purosangue with ASPHALTKIND Performance roof box made of full carbon fiber. Engineered and handmade in Dortmund.

Also worth watching: our short video about the Purosangue with roofbox (use subtitles and/or enjoy the pictures):


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Both the design and the technical aspects are optimal.

The focus during the development of the ASPHALTKIND roof box was on aerodynamics, stability, weight and design.

All points that are also at the top of Ferrari’s list of priorities.

The design of our roof box perfectly matches that of the Purosangue. The aerodynamics are elaborately simulated and optimized. We attach great importance to upgrading the car, not downgrading it! This is an art with roof boxes. We have mastered this art.

SPEED: The world’s fastest roof box. Nordschleife-approved.

AERODYNAMICS: The basic shape is based on a drop of water, resulting in a CW value of 0.11.

WEIGHT: Light. Lighter. Most stable. For higher payload and lower center of gravity.

DESIGN: Lines that fit. Characterized by taut, clear lines. The box is in motion, even though it is stationary.