…and electric cars as well as “normal” sports cars. Just those who want to have the feeling: I may drive with a roof box, but nothing restricts me:

“I do not want to compromise on design in any way. The roof box should simply not disturb optically. Not be a foreign object.”

“Roof boxes always have a generally high center of gravity. Are heavy and rattle. That is exactly what should be fixed!”

We approached ASPHALTKIND with exactly these settings. For the time being uninfluenced by the outside world. Over and over again there were inquiries and messages that confirmed our approach exactly

Driven by your energy and the questions about the perfect roof box for your Audi A6, BMW 3 Series, Porsche 911, Tesla Model 3/S, Mercedes S-,C-,GLC-Class, we have set out and developed the perfect product for us, which will soon be available in limited edition.

Here is the first photorealistic release of three dream cars representing the three most popular vehicle classes, which certainly includes your car: 

Hello Shooting-Brake, hello SUV-Coupés and hello station wagons with sloping rear! Hello also dear electric cars and sports cars, whose aerodynamics and design we consider untouchable!

And don’t worry: the roof box looks perfect on almost any vehicle. So you don’t need to drive a URUS, RS6 or 911.

Tell us your make and model and we will soon publish the 3 most mentioned vehicles: