True to our motto “What holds on a sports car also works on any other vehicle”, we have driven about 1,500 kilometres with our first roof box prototype in the past few days.

In order to protect our special material and the special design from prying eyes, we have had the roof box, which we have christened “Uncompromising”, laminated in Erlkönig foil. Once again a big thank you to Speed Monkeys, that the “Speed” in your name is really a program.

Among other things we were also in Berlin and would like to share our trip with you with pictures and some “feedback quotes”.

Pictures of the ASPHALTKIND prototype from Berlin

“Is the box also available for my Audi A4?” – Sure! The box fits almost on every model and always cuts a fine figure!

“We have been looking for a long time for a box for our Multivan, with which you can drive faster than 130km/h. I have already said to my husband that I certainly don’t want to go on a skiing holiday so slowly. You can already drive 160km/h quite well on some tracks in a relaxed way.”

In the traffic jam the window of another traffic jam participant went down: “Cool box, boys!” – Thanks!

Many times “thumbs up”.