Anyone looking for a roof box on the Internet that underlines the sporty look of their car, has a large load volume and low wind noise will sooner or later come to the 56° North website.

On the website and the popular social media channels, 56 Nord is presented as the Swedish manufacturer of roof boxes made of carbon and ABS. The focus of 56 North is clearly visible on roof boxes for sports cars and sports SUVs.


What immediately catches the eye is the fastening very close to the roof and a diffuser-like shape at the rear of the box. This way the wind noise should be minimized and also speeds far away from the usual and recommended 130 km/h should be possible. The materials chosen are Carbon and ABS. The shape of the roof box makes it clear that family holidays in a sports car are possible without impairing the aerodynamic appearance of a sports car. On the photos, which 56 Nord provide on their webpage, the roof box on an Audi R8, Porsche 911 or Lamborghini does not appear disturbing.

Why every sports car should have a roof box

If the pictures are not enough to convince you of the sports car suitability, you should take a look at the videos of freestyle skier and ski racer Jon Olsson. Jon Olsson describes in his video blog how he takes part in the Gumball 2015 with his Audi RS6 and the aforementioned carbon roof box of 56° North. A video trimmed to road movie, in which he goes on holiday with a Lamborghini and a lot of luggage, is also included.


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Price of the 56 North roof box

Since so many have asked me, here is the information about the price of the 56 North roof box. We did not find any other information. Attention: But the info is also 3 years old. Since then nothing has changed according to our information.

“How expensive is the 56North roof box” – Made of carbon 4.999€, made of ABS 1.499€ and without wings 999€


“How expensive is the 56North roof box” – Made of carbon 4.999€, made of ABS 1.499€ and without wings 999€

 EDIT November 2019:

We have tested various roof boxes for over a year. But our requirements were never completely fulfilled, as you can read in the test reports. Accordingly, we set off in mid-2019 to develop our own roof box.

We combine the perfect design, an aerodynamic shape, high stability and low weight. 

The special: We limit the car models on which we recommend the box. An exact list will be available shortly. But first of all, we plan to cover the majority of BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Audi and Tesla models. Even if the blog is a bit Porsche- and 911-heavy at the moment, this is due to the fact that this is our own car, which basically sets the bar very high, so that you don’t have to make any compromises with your model anymore.


Stay up to date and be the first to know when there are first pictures of the box!