Last week the time had finally come again: the new S-Class (W223) was presented by Mercedes-Benz in Stuttgart. However, nothing was like the years before, because the presentation was completely digital via livestream. Accordingly, we were also curious to see how Mercedes would concretely present the 11th generation of the S-Class. Apart from the usual interests such as design or technical innovations, we naturally also always had an eye on the topic of roof boxes: Can a roof box also be mounted on the new Mercedes S-Class, as was the case with the previous generations?

The new features

Most of the presentation was done by means of individual image videos and passages in which employees from the development, production and marketing departments explained the innovations in more detail. Daimler CEO Ola Källenius guided us through the presentation.

Externally, Mercedes has remained true to the model’s DNA and has made only minor visual changes. For example, the new S-Class is slightly longer than the old one. Beading, as well as tricks, are also sought in vain in the body of the new model from the side view. A small highlight are the extendable door handles, which can be installed for an extra charge. However, this is of course not a new innovation, as the extendable door handles are already standard equipment at Tesla. The new S-Class achieves a top value for the air resistance coefficient (cw value): with a cw value of 0.22, it is one of the most aerodynamically efficient vehicles. Thus the new S-Class does not quite reach the cw-value of our ASPHALTKIND roof box (0.11), but these data are still very impressive.

Mercedes has installed massive innovations, especially in the interior. Up to five screens (Mercedes-Benz User Experience) can now be used, including a new vertical touchscreen in the centre of the cockpit. In addition, the car is equipped with a great deal of modern software: the air conditioning can be controlled by voice commands, parking and unparking is possible via smartphone remote control and the sunroof can be opened automatically by hand gesture. Another particularly fascinating feature is the optional E-Active Body Control system, which raises the vehicle body within a few tenths of a second if there is a risk of a side impact.

And what is about a roof box on the new S Class?

During the presentation, we were of course looking for fixed points on the roof of the car that would allow the roof box to be put on, as it was the case with the previous models. Towards the middle of the presentation we were able to catch a glimpse of the roof and we can therefore happily share: Yes, a roof box can also be attached to the new S-Class (W223). Why is this so important for us?


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Up to now there is no roof box suitable for luxury class limousines such as the S-Class, the BMW 7 Series or the Audi A8. These cars are the benchmark of our German automotive industry.

With the ASPHALTKIND roof box we definitely see ourselves on these cars. Because there is hardly any other target group where design, long life and suitability for everyday use as well as aerodynamics are of such great importance. None of the cars has an immense boot. So it is time to offer a solution for the roof with our benchmark product.